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The story of a hen called Chookie

photos 23 May 2015 052

This is the story of Chookie. That’s her in the sunshine when she first arrived. She was one of four ex-battery hens. You can see what a pitiful state she was in. If you look in the shadows you can see two more hens. They are Maddy and Tilly. Rosie made up the four. All of them had come from a local place that rescues battery hens.

They soon began to thrive. I locked in the coop at night and then let them wander free all day. They soon put on weight and got more feathers.


Tilly was the first to go, a couple of months after they arrived. Then l lost Rosie and Maddy early this year. Now, everything l have read about chickens, and everything l have been told, says that they don’t like to be alone; so l waited for Chookie to go. I thought she would pine for the others and fade away.


This is Chookie today. She’s  happy and healthy and still going strong. Her egg laying days are over, but, that’s okay.  The only thing she won’t do now is sleep in the coop. Her hidey hole is down the back behind one of the compost bins.

Once Chookie goes l won’t be getting anymore for a while and l don’t know how long she will last. I’ll just enjoy her while she’s here.

She’s truly a remarkable chicken.